Burj Park - Dog Friendly Park

Burj Park - Downtown

Burj Park in Downtown Dubai is one of the few parks in the area where dogs are allowed to enter but they can only walk on the pavement. However, dogs must always be on the leash. With a breathtaking view of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains, Burj Park is the most picturesque place to set up your picnic. Although there aren't vast facilities, there are loads of cafes and restaurants over on the mall side. Keep your eyes peeled as well for the NOON refreshment cart- an automated vending machine that makes its way through the park. Around the park, there's a great running track stretching over five kilometres and a Kids Train- which you pay per trip. Bring the kids down with their scooters - you can scoot around to the mall or lay out your picnic rug on the expansive green and watch on as they burn off their energy. You are really able to feel like you're keeping your distance here.

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