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The Kids Learn to Swim Program at Urban Swim Academy offers six levels and begins with the basic aquatic safety, water orientation, and survival abilities. Drills, various strokes, and technique are integrated into the students' instruction as they advance. Children are able to join our squad program once they have finished the Learn to Swim program. There are six levels in the Learn to Swim Program: Level 1 Junior Tadpole, Level 2 Tadpole, Level 3 Seahorse, Level 4 Starfish, Level 5 Goldfish, and Level 6 Jellyfish. Weekday classes are available at Jebel Ali School, Jumeirah Islands Club and Mina A’Salam Madinat Jumeirah. Levels are based on ability rather than age, so a free assessment needs to be completed for every swimmer in order to be placed into the appropriate class.

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