Multilingual Curriculum Pre-School

AIST Royal ECC - Umm Suqeim

AIST Royal ECC provides a safe, welcoming, and curiosity inducing environment – designed to nurture creativity and a lifelong hunger for learning. The multilingual curriculum of English, Arabic, Russian, and French, employs a competency-based approach and project-based learning that help develop soft skills and global values. Their 5:1 student teacher ratio is integral to their child-centered approach, where teachers pay close attention and respond to each child’s interest, abilities, and learning style, and crucially – the languages they speak at home. The AIST Royal ECC approach is built on results proven in the field of child psychology and development, so beyond interacting with children, they coach parents on goal-oriented parenting to give their children the best advantage possible. Book your free trial session offered every Thursday! Call +971 564 943 966.

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