Fire Helicopter Number Drawing Game

LEGO® DUPLO® - Online

Here's a great game to encourage number recognition as well as using DUPLO to enhance fine motor skill development. Can you help the firemen put out the fire? Attach a pen to the DUPLO fire helicopter & get your kids familiar with number formation. What you need: LEGO® DUPLO® Fire Helicopter & Police Car set Felt pens Tape Number stencil downloads Development Areas: 1. Builds Confidence- easy build set, safe and suitable for small hands 2. Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills (Hand/eye co-ordination) 3. Role-Playing: strengthens social and emotional skills 4. Intro to number recognition and formation 5. Follow instructions: Develops the skill of process following Game Instructions: 1. Follow simple instruction cards to make LEGO DUPLO Fire Helicopter & Police Cars 2. Attach felt pens with tape to the front or back of the cars (see image) 3. Download and print number stencils and have your child follow the line forms to practice number recognition and formation.

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