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Here's a great game to develop fine motor skills and problem solving using LEGO DUPLO. It's a game that you can play together, or safe that you can leave for you child to play alone. What you need: LEGO DUPLO Empty egg carton Paper Development Areas: 1. Problem Solving: matching and sorting 2. Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills (Hand/eye co-ordination) Game Instructions: 1. Get your empty egg carton and measure out a piece of paper that will fit in the lid. 2. Draw a grid to match the number of egg holes your egg carton has. 3. Using the same colours as those of the LEGO DUPLO black you have, draw colour circle or squares in each box. 4. Hand egg carton to your child and have them match your pattern. For older children you could complete a sequence or series in the top row and have you child complete the pattern.

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