Colour Sorting & Matching

LEGO® DUPLO® - Online

Here's a great game to develop the skill of matching, sorting as well as colour recognition using LEGO® DUPLO®. It's a game that you can play together, or safe that you can leave for you child to play alone. What you need: LEGO DUPLO 4 x empty shoe boxes or gusseted brown paper bags or plastic bowls Development Areas: 1. Problem Solving: matching and sorting 2. Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills (Hand/eye co-ordination) Game Instructions: 1. Cut a hole in each of the 4 empty boxes or bags. 2. Colour the border of the hole so that each represents a colour of the LEGO DUPLO blocks you have. You can turn it into a fun activity together where the child colours, sticks or helps you turn them into monsters! 3. Jumble up the LEGO DUPLO pieces (in single pieces and small stacks so they need to remove the colours) 4. Have the child then sort the colours by placing them into the matching coloured holes.

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