Tower Build Race

LEGO® DUPLO® - Online

Here's a great game to encourage number recognition as well as using LEGO® DUPLO® to enhance fine motor skill development. What you need: LEGO DUPLO Dice Development Areas: 1. Builds Confidence- easy build set, safe and suitable for small hands 2. Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills (Hand/eye co-ordination) 3. Role-Playing: strengthens social and emotional skills- turn taking 4. Intro to number recognition and counting Game Instructions: 1. Layout all the LEGO DUPLO pieces in front of 2 players 2. Player 1 rolls the dice and counts out how many pieces and builds a tower 3. Then its Player 2's turn 4. Game ends when all pieces are used. 5. Then count the number of LEGO DUPLO blocks used in each tower. The winner is the player that has the highest tower.

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