Sensory Train Tracks

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Here's a great way to extend the life your LEGO® DUPLO® Number Train Set and integrate sensory activities. What you need: LEGO DUPLO Number Train Set Different Terrains: Ice Cubes, Cocoa powder Baking tray Development Areas: 1. Builds Confidence- easy build set, safe and suitable for small hands 2. Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills (Hand/eye co-ordination) 3. Role-Playing strengthens social and emotional skills 4. Sensory Play Game Instructions: 1. After putting your Train Set together talk about the different types of terrain the train could go through. (eg. over rocky mountains, over ice, through water, through sand, mud) 2. Go exploring in the kitchen together and find food that you can use to create different textured terrains that your train can travel through 3. Set up your course on a large baking tray. If you don't have a tray, line your table with some foil or plastic, then place paper on top. 4. End your track with a train or car wash!

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