Number City Train Game

LEGO® DUPLO® - Online

Here's a great game to encourage number recognition as well as using DUPLO to enhance fine motor skill development. What you need: LEGO® DUPLO® Number Train Set Foil Development Areas: 1. Builds Confidence- easy build set, safe and suitable for small hands 2. Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills (Hand/eye co-ordination) 3. Role-Playing strengthens social and emotional skills 4. Intro to number recognition and ordering Game Instructions: 1. Set up a city with blocks stationed around a table or flat surface. 2. Using the LEGO DUPLO number blocks 0-9 from your LEGO DUPLO NUMBER Train set, wrap each one in foil. 3. You could hide these around the area you are playing in (all kids love a treasure hunt!) 4. Child finds one number then unwraps it and using the number train counts out and collects that number of blocks around the track you have made. 5. They bring them back and child then transfers them on order to create the step tower

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