Bedouin Oasis Camp

Bedouin Oasis Camp - RAK - Ras Al Khaimah

The candle-lit Bedouin Oasis Camp offers you the chance to spend a night in a traditional style and enjoy panoramic views for the magnificent mountains of dunes. Choose your favorite style, from the Bedouin-style tents and you will be amazed by the interior design which is modern or you can experience the life inside an igloo tent which is going to give you an insight of how the Emiratis live in UAE or a premium tent equipped with modern facilities like the air-condition and many more. Experience the complete desert from going on a desert drive to riding a camel or for an overnight stay. On this trip, you will be taught how to scale the sand dunes in a four-wheel drive and you will be mesmerized with the cool and calmness of the desert as you will also love the view of the moon and the stars which are unpolluted by the street light.

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