Suwaidi Pearls Farm Tour

Suwaidi Pearls Farm - Ras Al Khaimah

Plan a tour with your family to The Suwaidi Pearls Farm and embark on exciting and informative adventure through the history of the region’s pearling industry! First 30 to 40 minutes, you will enjoy a boat tour to see the mangroves and the beautiful sites in Al Rams Bay then you will arrive at the Pontoon floating Suwaidi Pearls Farm House, where you will discover the history of the Arabian Pearls, listen to the 1000s years old adventurous stories of the lifestyle of the Arabian Pearls divers and witness their diving tools and techniques and learn the mystic secret of pearls formation. You will be mesmerized with the various lustrous collections of the Arabian Pearls and the traders tools and treasures. Furthermore, you can avail an oyster opening experience, find and take the mystic Arabian Pearl for a nominal fee of dh150!

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