Sunset Picnic at Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze - The Beach - Jumeirah

At Sea Breeze you'll always find something that will entertain you. If adrenaline is your thing, dive headfirst into over 20 heart pumping activities, including motorized water sports, from jet skis to fly boarding to the epic Seabreacher. If you need a little ‘me-time’ or just want to unwind with friends, you can also kick back and relax on anything and everything from sun loungers, cabanas, day beds, umbrellas, and towels. Sea Breeze has got you covered when it comes to enjoying the sunset. Picnic baskets served to your sunbed that include everything from fruits and snacks to drinks and wraps. Two unique picnic baskets have been created that will ensure you don’t leave the beach hungry and can enjoy the final rays of sun and watching it disappear behind Bluewater Island and Ain Dubai.

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